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About me

Short Bio

  My name is Ckiara, tall athletic/curvy woman, of Haitian/Miskitu/French descent, I was raised by Miskitu homeopathic practitioner- Mother from Central America who taught me to heal.   

Today I nurture through touch & the arts of healing, spirit, sexuality through proper combination use of Mind, pressure, Caress, Eroticism & Energy!

 I continue to learn and understand, humanity, Earth Mother its species, our individuality and our collective. 

I Know how to nurture, touch, feel, taste, smell the arts of healing, spirit, and love, energies, the proper use of- how to extract essences and make oils from plants, seeds, leaves barks, also  aromatherapy. 

  I went out into the world with an open mind and allow myself to experience all of life and in tantric tradition kept what agreed with me and put aside what was not for me free of judgment and conviction.

 I have spent many years seeking, learning and experiencing every touch, Spirituality (everything has spirit) and energy work in order to fine tune what I bring to you now! 

I am here for those who seek traditional body, spirit and mind healing through  unique blends of personal creative intuitive sensual touch! 

My labor is of both lust & love!

 I live a Bohemian lifestyle and love to play with those who are like mind. I'm not asking permission to enjoy myself or how I live my life. My time is mine and I am in no rush, I am committed to making your experience a journey you'll never forget!

NO RUSH Endulgence


*I welcome inside my sensual hide-a-away, you have the option (only if you’ve showered 2 hours max before your appointment can you refuse) of having a hot bath (with or without me) or a shower.

- my place is candle lite and Mistical,

- Its décor is Eastern oriental theme and fragrant

- Soft, sexy, relaxing world music

- It is your job to let me know ahead of time your likes and dislikes

- Otherwise, I flow with the ambiance and guide you through the journey.

Customers say I am one of a kind amazing

Reviews: "  
"I am a changed man! 

From the initial contact I was made to feel at ease. Met at her nice, safe in call location and was given unit #.  

Once I walked in I was greeted by this beautiful woman with a bright smile and great big hug. I was offered water(nice sunny day) and we chit chatted a bit and laughed.

  Next to the massage table. I've never had this level of massage and I can't truly described all of the techniques she used but I am a changed man.


 Every single inch of my body was thoroughly massaged with awesome music in the background.

 Reflexology, cupping, hot stones, back scrub and nuru. This was a action packed event and I was there for 2 hours. What she says in her ad and website is absolutely true!" 

"There are no exaggerations, no bait and switch. Just facts as she shows and proves. I'm tempted to go every month but I may do every other."

 No matter what she is worth it and I walked away questioning my motivation for seeing other providers.

 My previous decisions felt base after having a complete experience that left me totally fulfilled and with cup marks all over my back.

 Sorry if I'm rambling but this is the honest truth. I feel so clear and complete and ready to tackle the demands of two full time jobs adding up to a 80 hr work week. Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself.